Patrick Gleeson

Writer and composer

Some quite interesting projects I have worked on:

A blank book

(Coming soon)

My first novel, which is going to be published by an actual real publisher, and about which I will say more later.

Why aren't you coding logo

Why Aren't You Coding?

A webcomic I wrote, for and about software developers. I managed 42 episodes before my brain dissolved.

Working with coders cover

Working with Coders: A Guide to Software Development for the Perplexed Non-Techie

A business book I wrote, based on my experience as a coder and a manager of coders, aimed at the poor sods who have to deal with them. Published by Apress.

Brainworthy house logotype

The Brainworthy House Mysteries

A pilot for a comic sci-fi radio musical series. I wrote the script and the music, then to be honest I lost my nerve and abandoned it before I'd really given it a proper go.

Starship goldfish art

Starship Goldfish

A pilot for Jason Weight's TV grown-up comedy sci-fi animation. I wrote some music for it and voiced one of the characters.

Electric animal circus still

The Electric Animal Circus

A pilot for an animatronic live show set in a dystopian future. I built the animatronics, wrote the music/scripts/etc for a series of promotional short films that I sent to every producer under the sun. Sadly, although perhaps not surprisingly, I couldn't find funding to take it further.

Constance and sinestra production photo

Constance & Sinestra and the Cabinet of Screams

A musical I created with Alexandra Spencer-Jones. I wrote the music and some of the lyrics. We put it on in Edinburgh, a few different London venues and the Latitude festival, and it's since been performed in the US a few times as well.

Clockwork quartet promotional photo

The Clockwork Quartet

A steampunk cabaret. We got mentions in the Guardian and NME and a full photo feature in Bizarre magazine, and a small but devoted online following. I wrote the bulk of the music and lyrics.