"A powerful, haunting contemporary score which is bound to excite and captivate... a composer to watch in the near future"
Fringe Review on Constance & Sinestra
"Fully realised, beautifully arranged slices of miniaturist storytelling/musical theatre, with the delicacy and precision of chamber music and a strong sense of the macabre"
Bearded Magazine on The Clockwork Quartet
"Strange, disturbing, weird, yet rather compelling"
AltSounds on The Clockwork Quartet
"Tarnished, bittersweet music"
The Guardian on The Clockwork Quartet
"A pleasure to watch, and musical numbers blend marvellously as they vary between teary laments and comedic character pieces"
Broadway Baby on Constance & Sinestra
"The jewels are the strong songs. Their vision, depth and thoughtful arrangement put to shame the hackneyed standards of the contemporary musical scene"
The Stage on Constance & Sinestra
"Patrick Gleeson's score is fun, emotive and arresting"
The Scotsman on Constance & Sinestra
"Eerie, exotic-sounding"
The Evening Standard on The Clockwork Quartet
"The music is excellent, with light, fairground tunes warping and giving way to military beats."
Views From The Gods on Happy Birthday Wanda June
"The script is tight and the songs are better, sometimes haunting and at other times jaunty... exquisitely creepy"
Three Weeks on Constance & Sinestra
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